Troubles with CB CD

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Inscription : Sam 17 Jan 2015 10:28

Troubles with CB CD

Message par merlin667 » Sam 17 Jan 2015 10:44

First: Hello, I'm from Austria, i dont speak french at so it would be helpfully if anybody answers either in english or german, because the translators dont work really well :)

I've some serious troubles with my CB CD in my Espace registered 11/2008 / OE number 281152602R:
I was doing a map update (copying to the internal memory).
i left the key in the cardreader, went for dinner, some time later i went back to the car and opened the door.
At this time the whole UCH switched the power of and the copy seemed like to stop.
Due to the fact, that i'm living at the area of Austria / Slovenia / Italy I'm doing regulary map changes and as result if this sometimes I'm aborting the update.
until now nothing bad happened.
But now i've got following error:
When i start the car, the radio swichtes immediatly on and runs, but the screen shows "Renault", goes black and again "Renault" in a loop until i power off the car.
The buttons on the radio are working, even bluetooth connectability is given and I'm possible to phone via handsfree.

Except the main error mentioned above following things are strange:
Eject Button for the CD isnt working so i had to disassemble the radio and remove the CD.
After i reconnected power supply inside the car i do not have to enter the code (even after one hour).

I allready tried with firmwareupate mentioned here:
without any notice or something similar.

For my opinion it seems like one of the chips at the headunit stopped working or is hanging - or am i totally wrong

Has anybody an idea what else can i do or some idea where to get a working flash of the headunit and do some other trials.

Even if i send it to repair i'm not sure that they can fix it because for my opinion its a serouis softwarecrash.

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Re: Troubles with CB CD

Message par rajan » Lun 18 Mai 2015 19:27

Hi Merlin667
Same thing happened to my equipment last week.

Question ?
Did you try afterwards playing a mp3 cd ?
Did it work then or not at all ? If not, then it could be the lens itself stucking the whole booting sequence.
I have a appointment in 3 weeks time by Renault. Will see what's wrong.
I let you know.


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Re: Troubles with CB CD

Message par rajan » Lun 1 Juin 2015 21:26


To boot or not to boot, that the question !

Back from Renault. Bad news, they gonna change the whole unit.
Although Cd player seems to be working ( can listen to my mp3).

Voilà , 1 more week to wait for......